Deserts & Grasslands

Welcome to your Deserts & Grasslands quiz.

We'll start with Deserts if that's ok with you.
I love starting my dinner with desert. Weight, is that how you speelll it?

About 1/3 of the planet is DESERT.

That's a lot of desert, but did you know that SAND is found in __% of DESERTS?

So if most DESERTS don't have sand, than what's the largest DESERT

So that's the largest but what about the driest. Isn't there a desert that has never had recorded rainfall and has most likely been a DESERT for 40 million years?

DESERTS are so dry can anything live there? Well I guess CACTI live there. They're interesting. What's the one with the big arms called? Like this one.


The Saguaro grow really well in Sonoran DESERT in Arizona. The Sonoran is very wet, comparatively, and receives 10-14 inches of rain a year. (Philly averages 47 inches.) The cactus store water in their ____?

So CACTI store water in their stems which are SUCCULENTS which just means they have big fleshy stems for holding water. Got it. I like the stems on this one. Wonder what it's name is...

I had no idea CACTI stored water in their stems. The Saguaro is a large cactus and can hold around ___ gallons of water? Want to see a useful study sheet?

DESERTS are really interesting but do any animals live there? Select all that do...

That's interesting about DESERTS but what about GRASSLANDS? What, you didn't want to hear about the Namibian desert beetle that can harvest fog from the air for water? Fine. GRASSLANDS are also referred to by what other name?

Bison (Buffalo) used to roam free in the North American plains, now their numbers are around 200,000. It's estimated that ___ million Bison once lived here.

Let's clarify the difference between the different types of grassland. Which of the four types is distinguished by wide temperature ranges, short grasses, and transition areas between desert and forest or sea and forest?

Name one thing that North American prairies have in common?

Can you think of a country that is 70% grassland and has kangaroos and dingos? No not my house.

Pampas are grasslands of South America. What does Las Pampas mean in Quechua?

The Savannas of Africa are home to wide range of species. From Elephants and Giraffes to big cats, like the Cheetah. What sound does a Cheetah make?

Cheetah are nocturnal and hunt at night

Cheetahs are efficient with their water and only need water every 3 to 4 days

How are cheetahs more like dogs than other big cats?

How do cheetah's faces help them hunt?

One of the most famous grassland residents found on all continents except Antartica, is the butterfly. They have far to travel, what's the fastest butterfly speed?

Butterflies can only see red, green, and what other color?

What type of substance does a butterflies use to attach their eggs to leaves?

Not every species tastes with their tongue like we do. What do butterflies use?

What did scientists think that butterflies could not do until 1912? (hint: it's one of the 5 senses)

Much of North America was prairie which has been replaced by agriculture, how much remains?

I love horse. Who doesn't. Want to learn about them? Why? Because they are from the steppes of Asia, a grassland.  --- Where do Przewalski horses live?

The name "Mustang" comes from the Spanish word Mesteno. What does Mesteno mean?

Are mustangs wild or feral?

Who doesn't love a bonus question. Wild means an animal was never domesticated so what does feral mean?

What sense do mustangs use to find water?

What continent has the most wild horses in the world?

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