What’s life like for a beluga whale?

Beluga whales lead highly social lives. They travel in relatively large pods and like to mix things up a bit it, switching between different groups on a regular basis. On the whole, males prefer traveling with each other, and females with other females and their children.

Unfortunately, the heart-breaking truth is that life for belugas is extremely difficult. Natural prey for both polar bears and orcas, beluga whales have also been heavily exploited by man over the years, and it continues to this day. Hunted both for food and entertainment, these magnificent individuals often fall foul of human greed. Irresponsibly marketed by so-called marine parks, images of open-mouthed children staring up at belugas behind glass screens are all too common. Far from cute, this imprisonment is a total violation of belugas’ right to freedom and only serves to perpetuate the ongoing hunts already taking place.